Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tolerance...or apathy...or weakness...I'll take forgiveness.

I'm back I decided to get over my pity party.

Tolerance....not to be confused with compassion...

My savior was compassionate his ability to love leaves me in awe on a daily basis as I struggle to love my fellow men,  he loved yes with a love the world will never see again..but he did not tolerate. Jesus is every bit God as he was man... And our God is a jealous God.

Tolerance....or apathy? I am judged because I think homosexuality is wrong. I am judged because a fellow Christian handled himself poorly when trying to reach out to a homosexual...one church one leader makes a choice that reflects the brokenness of human nature and I am judged with that person simply because I am a Christian. I'm called close minded because I see abortion as  murder when I think of the number of unborn children killed a day while my womb remains barren...and my heart breaks.

Where is tolerance now?

I'm judged simply because I am a Christian...I am scoffed at, made to feel ridiculous because I follow someone whos last words were begging for the forgiveness of the people killing him...who's last instructions were to "Go and make disciples"

I'm told to be tolerant by the very people who call me blind and foolish for my belief in Jesus..is that then what tolerance is?

In the end it won't matter we all will stand before God and we all will have to give account of our lives. And none of us are worthy with out Jesus. And I if I'm going to be judged regardless of speaking out or not. I might as well stand by and live showing my beliefs.. Because I am equally passionate about my faith as you are about diversity, tolerance, peace. I was not called to become apathetic to appease and tip toe around those who might be offended by my Jesus. I'm not part of a specific religion because I think it better then any other. I am not blind to the horrible things that have been done in Jesus name or for the sake of Jesus...no, I am merely reminded that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Oh, and looking at the world I thank God for his redemption, his unfailing love...

Tolerance...apathy... Forgiveness...

I've just as much right to "Go and make disciples" as anyone has to lump all Christians in a group and label them judge mental, close minded, one sided, hypocrites, old fashioned...

Because though out all time in one way or another since Jesus sent those first Christians out into the world Christianity has survived...and remained in its basic principles the same..name one other flowing religious group god, myth, spiritual leader that has transcended all time.

Yes I. Am. A. Christian.

I will tolerate the sinner but I can not tolerate the sin and deny my God.


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