Thursday, May 9, 2013

Satan is here....

Watching the Devil work in my friends lives has really set me on edge these last few weeks, with so much good going on in mine, I feel like an attack on me is coming as well. I feel it in the stress in my belly and the tension in my head, I'm not even sure what I'm stressed about. Whats running through the back of my mind.

I see people falling further into the worlds brokenness  and not understanding why they don't have peace. yes they are happy, and kind (but acts of kindness are not the way to heaven some of the nicest people I know don't believe in God and consequently if nothing changes they won't be in heaven) and again my heart breaks.....but deep down these people are not at peace, and no amount of working out, drinking, drug, mindless sex or socializing is going to bring it. Sometime I watch the world, the news, facebook status..and my heart breaks....

I see friends who have just turned to God, or who are just coming back to him I see them on fire, excited, healing and I watch as the world caves in...temptations, sometimes things you can't even seem to control to turn the mind from this to that. A choice to move in with your boyfriend, unexpected tickets, or breakups or deaths, or household changes. I see excuses and justifications "it makes sense, I can't afford to go,

sin's got the lead....

and my heart breaks

when all I can do is pray, and we live with the choices we make.

and as I watch the devil parade in front of me all the people I love hurting...I can't help but wonder..who is he parading me in front of. If the world is a stage for who am I performing? Because if it's not for God then Satan wins, if I'm made out by the world to be stupid for believing in the promise of heaven...and I don't reach out in love....then I am nothing.

So as I watch the brokenness of the sinful world turn ever on..."this little light of mine, I'm ganna let is shine" and maybe just maybe like a lighthouse at the end of a pier I'll lead someone lost to safety for I'm only a reflection of God. if my life can be but a fraction of what Jesus was then I am blessed indeed.

So as the world turns, and satan waits at your door like a lion to devour you...remember you are a REDEEMED child of God...bought at a price and NOTHING can separate you from the love of Christ, there is no sin to great (for all are the same in Gods eyes) no depth to deep that you can't be made white as snow...because our Father is there ready and willing to shower you with blessings...and the promise of heaven...


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