Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I am sure of what I hope and and certain of what I do not see.

I'm tired,
So much going on, so much to do, so much.....stuff.

If I hear or read one more time about the close mindedness of Christians. Christian being defined in this post as the followers of Christ and the Bible and the bible being viewed as the truth and the exact words of God...if I have to keep cool one more time when the Church as defined in the bible and the building I go too today are lumped together negatively as a man made and human, sin riddled thing I'll scream. Not because it's not true today but because the definition of Church is VERY different then the present day one.

Church is "anywhere two or more come together in his name." Simply that, nothing more.

We call it a church today because guess what two or more come together in his name. You do not have to attend a specific church to have a close and wonderful relationship with God.  Though at some point if your faith walk is even a little legit you will crave it eventually because it is good for the soul, for the spirit and for your faith to have the fellowship that "Church" in the modern sense offers.

Have you ever gotten into a discussion with a radical? or even anyone who believes different then you do? have you ever noticed that each side argues from their perspective? Their opinions and ideas and thoughts. Have you ever found yourself in the middle of these discussions thinking...boy this is pointless.

The next time you think about throwing out the term close minded whether you be a Christian or not think twice for "who are you, or I to judge?" You do not know everything a person has been through to bring them to this point of faith or no faith. When you accuse them of not doing the "homework" for their beliefs maybe you should remember that you have no clue what they have gone through, studied and consciously chosen for a belief system already.

If I'm close minded because I am unwilling to just roll over when someone thinks they have an original and new thought to prove some detail about my faith wrong...Satan you got a new thing coming so far I've hear nothing I've never heard before.

"There is nothing new under the sun"~Ecclesiastics~

what if I just don't want to read other religious texts because I believe the words in the bible to be true each and every word and therefore that belief in itself renders any other religious text nil....Isn't that my choice? Isn't my choice in a belief system suppose to be tolerated??  call my faith blind, or call it foolish...it is what it is.

It's an ageless expectation.

Oh tolerance you are thrown around so lightly...My God loves but he does not tolerate.

I find myself lately having a hard time not slinging mud back, You've never seen a statues on my facebook dragging radicals or pagans, or Jehovah Witnesses or Agnostics, or any other sort of religious group through the mud, pointing at them and in trying to convince others of their weakness, their faults, really judge them simply because they are not what you believe. Not that I'm better then the person who does, for it is a temptation and it has crossed my mind, so I am no better then they.

No,world I will not roll over and take it, I will not read the Koran simply because I'm told to. No, I've done my research I've been stripped of my faith and I can now stand by it, defend it and in the end understand that   it's okay to believe it with all my heart...and I have a right to share what I believe with others...but I have no right to tear into a belief system and deem it unworthy.I have no wish to destroy a persons faith simply because I think I know better then they do. That is now what Jesus meant when he sent us forth to Go and make disciples.

But I will pray and I will share the good news of Jesus over and over again and no one with logic or other words can stop me. We can bicker over doctrine and religious sects all we want but it does not change the fact that Jesus died for EVERYONE that Jesus forgives EVERYTHING...he is the way the truth and the light. The "I AM". Jesus is Lord as God tells Moses through a burning bush "I am the I AM" and Jesus tells in his trial "I AM" .

All we need to do is believe and be saved.  Amen Hallelujah

I have no desire to understand fully everything in the bible. I am content to know what i know and trust God continue teaching me the  rest. I love to learn more and dive in deeper to God's word and I will never stop learning....Why should that bother others so much? Why should my faith be trampled under arrogance and pried when my faith has never hurt anyone? Hurt has been done in the name of Jesus or in the name of a specific religious sinful group... but true faith will build up, will uphold will 1, always show respect 2.will always show love...the two exact rules I have in my summer room....

I am standing on the promises of God.

This I most certainly believe.

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