Monday, April 22, 2013

In everything there is a time.

It's odd, a week when so much disaster struck in the world; earthquakes, bombings, fires, a young mom learning her unborn child might not ever see the world. For me in my own little world...could be one of the most thankful times I've had in years.

In everything there is a time, a time to laugh a time to weep...

and sometimes when these emotions collide all you can do is write so they do not tear you up day by day minute by minute.

Looking back at my life, it seems like I spend a lot of time waiting, I waited while friend after friend got engaged and I didn't have a husband on the horizon. I wait still as friends are having second, even their third child, and though I understand that now would not be a good time to have a baby I'm still waiting.

I waited as my husband searched and searched for a job in Michigan, I've waited to get out of the city...I've waiting and I've prayed and I've been reminded He commands "Wait upon the Lord" In all things call upon the Lord and he will make your paths straight". So, you would think after years of him proving to me again and again that he's got it; and he pours out blessing after blessing on me. I would have learned that by now the waiting is okay and it will work out. I'm not the first one to have to wait the Israelites waited decades to enter their promised land, Sarah waiting years to have a baby God promised her...

I've waited years to hear that someone I've prayed for for over 10 years finally stopped running from God and let him pick her up. One just one out of a dozen people on my list. The battle ahead of her long and hard, and with God...amazing. Always always we have hope and in due time we see the results of

of faithful prayer.

So I stand yet again on the cusp of a new chapter of my life, knowing full well it is all the work of God. As I prepare to move, switch jobs, and leave a church that fills me with God's love that still whispers "home" when I walk through the doors, where is so easy to get comfortable...where the thought of leaving makes tears jump to my eyes each time....

To be on earth is not to be comfortable and all God has on this earth are our hands. So I've passed through a time of waiting and yet at the same time I was feed, I was taught, and I was given the skills the faith to step out again in faith, to a future we can never plan....knowing this is from God. Like the journey my friend is going to be taking in her new walk with God, even the seasoned, the solid, those rocks of people that you think can never be shock...struggle and all are still growing, learning, loving one thing and then the next...loving our way through life.

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