Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What do you show the children?

How many times in your life have you been told "Be yourself" and how much time of your day do you actually do it?

Someday I think I'm fortunate to work with children...I'm insane, and they accept me.

So I have an evening to myself, I tell you after a day with a bunch of kids, "me time" is precious and I can't imagine what it will be if God ever does decide to bless me with children. When I'm alone I do normal activities, but I usually talk to myself the entire time. I have a whole imaginary life...since I was like 12. It's like a never grew out of let's pretend. So yes now your thinking something is wrong with me. But really when you know you are completely alone what do you do? Sit there all prim and proper or do you dance around, make funny noises, fart?? Do whatever it is you want however you want. That's the you that God wants. The you that no one else ever sees....are you bold enough to give him that? To be real with him? Do you pray to him because you should? Or do you pray to him because you are human, and insane, and you.need.him? Because we all do.

It's not so easy to "be yourself" in the world, nor do I think it is good advice because who we are, our attitudes, or moods, or feelings, or actions are all a choice. However, I think with the ME ME ME "please yourself" philosophy it's getting easier to take the words "be yourself" and live them out....to what end? If we were to be our-self  being sinful from the time we are conceived. What would happen?

To be yourself is to be a sinner....but we are not that; we have been made new in Christ. We are not a slave to our sinful nature thoughts desires...We are loved, therefore we can love.

We are Children of God.



Because the children of the world, see you and you lead them...and it's a wonder and power to serve the children.

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