Tuesday, January 15, 2013

They are the future.

It's so hard not to be negative these days, but lets real for a moment. The children in my room are worse then ever. I've been in some sort of childcare for near 10 years now and each year it has gotten worse.

Lets put it this way the amount the kids are focused on themselves is amazing they want it now which is normal..but the intensity and the ability to have it now is not. Some kids just want it now because that's what they get at home. Whatever they want whenever they want. Selfish (which is human nature) and Spoiled either because the parents can't say no or they don't want to hear them whine and cry.

The disrespect. I've always had a kid hear and there talk back but it was unusual to get 3 that did it on a regular basis especially after establishing myself in authority. We both ended up with a respect for each other.  But I have at least 6 kids that more often then not talk back, or ignore me or flat out tell me no.

When given choices "Share or walk away...give it back or don't play with it at all... say sorry or sit in time out. They don't even care they end up in time out or they don't get the toy at all. After a half a school year of consistency of: action and punishment do they still not believe me? They have no fear of punishment. Because either the parent has not control or they are to scared to discipline their child in today's society.

So lets sum it up.

in 37 years when these 3 year olds are 40 and I'm about at retirement age we will have a group of
Spoiled, Selfish, Disrespectful, completely immune to laws and regulations and apparently untouchable by punishment running the country and more then likely taking care of me?

Yes, kids will be kids...No parents should not be controlled by their child. But in this society what.can.you.do?

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."  Proverbs 22:6

I as a teacher can help to some extent these children...but it's really the parents who reinforce or undo that work. What a responsibly I have and how unworthy am I to be the one to do God's work?


It's scary looking at the future knowing the nature of human kind as we do, being a teacher and seeing the children coming up...Scary...


because even in the darkest of times we have a hope in Christ Jesus and a promise of heaven. For we are not at home.

So may you be a parent guided by God, abiding by the laws, May you live the life your child needs to see, be the example they need to help this country. May you be the teacher that changes even one life for the better, that reaches out even to the worst of children in love. May you find strength as David did in the Lord. May the Grace of God help you every single moment for they might be the future...but we are they example they will learn.

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