Friday, January 4, 2013

The Spirit Will Lead

   I'm and English major, yet I can't spell as I'm sure you have noticed, and more often then not words fail me. So when a friend or co-worker comes to talk to me I'm always worried I'm going to blow my chance to help. So I find myself carrying on two conversations at the same time, one with said person and one with God.  Even when I know, God is helping me I more often then not leave the conversation thinking I could have done so much better. Really though I did the best I could and the rest is in God's hands.

  I remember something my pastor told me once, if you want to have the answers you have to feed your heart and soul by spending time in God's word. The more I can take in the more tools and verses I have to help others. If the fact that you should read the bible every day isn't enough maybe the reasoning that by reading the bible everyday you will be better able to serve and help others.

  Oh, how I wish I could fix the world, and more importantly how I wish I could help my friends with thier hurt and saddness.

  I will say it again these last couple of days have been amazing yet, I miss the 3 year olds when they come to the gym I hug them all. Why is it I'm such a walking contradiction. It's not that I don't love the 3 year olds, more often then not they make my day and the idea of being able to help them start thier relationship with the LORD. How amazing is that opportunity to share the Love of God with 20 child on a daily basis..

I. have. to. hold. on. to. that.

because during the bible story....being on earth if finally comfortable.

Tonight I want to pray for marriages, and for the fearful and the lonely, for the hurting. May they find renewal, may they find comfort, may they find a way to place all there hopes, fears, and hurts in the hands of God and may God lead them to peace and blessing.


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