Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Speak Love

   Seems like the theme 'we are not at home' slips into all my blog entries oh but it's so true, all the hurt in the world I mean, it's like this year has started out rough for so many people. It's funny, how I can be so wrapped up in my own world, with my own problems; oh woe is me. Then a 6 year old girl within the first 5 minutes of work can basically put in perspective the littleness of my problems. and here I arrive again at...]

It's not about me.

  Oh, if there were a way to help my friends, my co-workers to just fix all their problems. To be limited the way I am, to be afraid of reaching out; with God's love and promises, because I think they already know it or they are going to reject me. To draw that line between sticking your nose where it don't belong, and really just wanting to help...

   One thing I do know. I love my husband and I thank God for him each and every day.

   So what do you say to a hurting and emotional six year old who doesn't understand why. What do you say to a young mother who is shrugging it of like it doesn't matter and it doesn't hurt her. What comfort can you give these people in a world that just keeps handing out love, and hope, and dreams then crushing them. How do you tell someone who just lost a loved one, or a young mother watching her marriage fall apart, or a young child who doesn't know why dad isn't going to be there in the morning. What good could I really do for these people? If I feel this helpless, how do they feel.

and I

Sometimes I think I feel too much, but maybe that's God's heart I mean if I feel this sad for hurting people how sad must God feel when he feels everyone's sadness at the same time...can you imagen the torment of the cross? Where would the drive be to help if not for the need? Oh but it's not fair this broken and bleeding world.

Why am I so afraid to speak love, speak hope? Even if they have heard it before, even if it doesn't sink in even if they do reject it...what if it helped somehow, someway, someday and I didn't have the courage. . What if I didn't help someone to find the faith?

How is this world ever going to get better if the people that feel others pain don't reach out. So tomorrow reach out and touch somebody, with words, with kindness, with listening, with a hug, with a gift...Because we are here to serve not judge...and to share the love of God.

Because by the end of the day, my heart

Song of the day: (Toby Mac: Speak Love)

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