Saturday, January 5, 2013

Somewhere a strom is coming.

    Every now and again I get a feeling, just this thing in my heart or soul that says...something is coming prepare for battle. It's when I feel like this, that I also feel like I can't get enough God time in. Like should not go to work, not do anything but read the bible. Tonight this feeling is keeping me from sleep....  Sometimes I can pinpoint just what area of my life is going to be tested. Sometimes I tell my boss. "A storm is coming here" other times I sense it's a friend who needs me to pray.

"On your knees Beloved"

The feeling or the calling to pray for someone has been on my heart so strong it has woken me from sound sleep. An overwhelming and strong emotion...sometimes I don't know who I'm praying for or if I do I don't know why but I just know they need prayer. Right. Now. .


It's not a worry, it's not a forbearing it's just a feeling that I need to get ready the verse "Be on your gaurd" even though it's talking about end times; go's through my mind over and over and over.... This time in my heart I feel its going to be a personal strom, and it's hard right now not to be like "Really God? This past week or so hasn't been a strom enough?" 

"Trust me Beloved"

I feel so unstable mentaly right now, just so frusterated and on edge...something is very very wrong I've sense it for a couple days now, but tonight watching the emptyness of that bar it grew..Watching the saddness in a dear friends eyes. The hurt of my co-workers

"I AM here Beloved."

This week has just been wierd. There is no other way to describe it the high and lows




"I will answer you Beloved."

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