Monday, January 28, 2013

Servant leaders

Every time I tie a kids shoe or help them put shoes back on, as I kneel there I can't help to think about how Jesus washed his disciples feet. How he served them humbled himself to them..even washed the feet of the man he knew would betray him.

To show them what humility show us.

 It may be the residuals from being a wlc student where the motto is "creating servant leaders" where they have a statue of Jesus washing one of his disciples feet in the quad. But each and every time I go down on one knee in front of a child I am reminded...i am nothing but his servant and how wonderful the fact I get to serve his children each day.

Something so simple so expected and normal when you work with three year olds can draw your focus   back to The Lord.  I am leading these children by serving them...congrats succeeded.

Can you find a moment in the mundane in the things you do that seem like nothing...can you find God in it? Will you stop for a second and thank him for it?

May you find comfort in the expected, the routine, in the fact that Gods got it. May you come to find him in each and every breath and action...and in  that finding, may peace be renewed in you again and again. May you serve as he served even those who hurt you...

May you truly be servants of The Lord...

So that his peace his love his hope may overflow in your heart and touch the lonely the hurting...the lost.

The children.

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