Thursday, January 10, 2013

Helping others, Helping yourself.

Last night I had a friend call me up, we have this thing we use to do; where if one of us was upset the other one would just sit and read Psalms to the other. It was a wonderful thing and it honestly helped me get through a lot, in fact that year or so of solid time with her was probably one of the biggest journeys of faith training as I like to call it that I have every had. Other then the past year.

Last night she calls, and I read, and as I'm reading words of comfort and encouragement ...Psalms I've read again and again. It never stops amazing me how I can read the same thing over and over and find something new each and every time. That's the living word for you. It's funny though I'm reaching out to my friend, frustrated because I'm a zillion miles away and I can't hug her and I can't hold her hands and pray with her and I feel so


So I read as my heart is breaking, and her heart is broken...and I read lines in Psalm 18 such  powerful writing and I'm going this is what she needs and suddenly I'm this is what I need. From the first line

" I love you Lord, my strength." That line right there is like a calming breath, when you realize the Lord is your strength, you and I beloved are not strong enough with out the Lord. How wonderful not to have that responsibility.  How wonderful to reach out to comfort and friend and find comfort for your soul.

He reach down from on high and took hold of  me;
he drew me out of deep waters...
He brought me out into a spacious place;
he rescued me because he delighted in me." 16, 19

That last line he rescued me because he delighted in me....He our God delights in me? Why? because he is love...he is everything and everywhere and he delights in me.

Shouldn't that make it easier to "Delight yourself in the Lord?" ~Psalm 37~

As the kids whined at me today, as they threw tantrums, as they I got annoyed and frustrated..I prayed...and you know what, this week has gone by fast and for the most part...


May you find someone to reach out two, and in the reaching heal a peice of you. May you receive the peace of love the grows in your heart when you help someone hurting. May you be a shoulder, they ear, and words of comfort, the reader, the prayer, the inspiration. Oh, may you pass it on, and pay it forward. Take the gift of the word, of God's Love and share...I tell the children everyday...Sharing is caring. May you grow in grace.

"my darlin', says the Lord keep watch be ready for a storm"

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