Monday, January 14, 2013

Calling you to faith

To have such a clear picture of what I feel God is wanting me to do and us to live. How do I explain the feeling I have? And why is it so hard to trust God to give me what he promises. I guess I don't really doubt that, I just have no clue as to his timing. I know I'm suppose to go to Michigan and I'm getting more certain dowagiac area every day. Yet what if I'm wrong or there is another step that he hasn't put on my heart?

,my husband is applying  for jobs all over some a couple hours away from my family some close by. It's close to my family but further away from everything. I mean at least here I have friends in driving distance.

It's like your whole life is a balance of good and bad choices and there is always this fear of choosing the wrong one... And sometimes I wish my choices were as easy as one of my three year olds I can chose to listen or go to timeout. I can chose to share or walk away.

Why is it so hard to step out in faith? Why is it so hard to wait. We as humans are impatient but this society this world better faster now...the art of waiting, dwindling. "Be still and know that I am God." When is the last time you have been still? Just sat and rested in the presence of your Lord.

For me it's the city I can find no where quiet...for some that is where they can relax and be calm. Find a place make it yours and be with God. Only he can lead you to where you are going and how can you hear him if you don't take the time to listen. It's not only good for your mental health but is a rest for your soul. After taking in so much of the world...I know I can use a little time I. The wonder of his grace.

It is my prayer, God shows you his will. And for all our planning, Gods are often different. May you be bold in your faith, kind in your words, and genteel in your actions, may what you do strengthen others. And may you remember...

When God stops reviewing, right before the important part...that is when he is calling you to faith.

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