Thursday, July 20, 2017

one of the problems of the status "Married, no children."

Yep, I'm going to whine... eh who's perfect anyway?

The whine:  No options for girl time.

 My closest friends are either single, or married with children. Like those close BBF friends. With the exception of two (Jasmine and Katie) that I live too far away from.

Married no children.

The single friends you make (because they have the time spend with you and you often have more in common with them than your friends with children) don't really want to hang out with a married person for an extended period of time....who will more than likely talk about her husband and don't really get what it's like to be single either.  I mean I don't like hanging out with my friends with children because well it often hurts...makes me long, or feel one likes feeling jealous. Though you are great friends there is a sort of different level or connection with others in your walk in life. A connection I dearly miss and have missed for a number of years now.

But most of my closest friends who are married have children and don't have the time to get away for a weekend. Sometimes it's a fight for a night and even than because their children are amazing  (and I love each of their kiddos) they are huge part of their life they are often talked about. Like I stated above it often hurts my heart though I love them dearly and again it's a different level of connection...

Those missing levels don't make a friendship less or more...just makes them different. Unfortunately for me there are a lot less females with my status (Childless not by choice) then with either of the others (single, married with children)

So here I am

Married. No Children.

In desperate need of girl time but live too far away from some, while not having the right status for others...

with an understanding that I love them all and they love me...I'm not angry or upset (well maybe a little but not at them just at things in general) as it's no ones fault that this is the way things are.

It does not change the fact...

I'm in desperate need of some girl time

I've never been on a "girls weekend" where I traveled somewhere with two or three close girlfriends. I've had girls nights but i guess I've never held the right status at the right time with enough people to do more than that.
Bucket list #21 go on a girls weekend.

 I normally just settle for alone time.

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