Thursday, January 26, 2017

Country by definition because I'm so very over political posts.

Something unnecessary because all you read now scares you. 

A non political post.

Inspiration from this obnoxious photo, not unlike most ill thought out/ judgmental posts you come across on social media.

Though I "get" what point is trying to be made here. I think aside from this photo calling names and judging people by what they wear it still fails to hit the true meaning of "Country" a vague elusive term that would be served better broken down into multiple subsets including but not limited to; Redneck, Farmer, white trash, hick, hillbilly, hunters, gun nuts,  (I'll let you decide which categories the subjects in the above pictures fall into)

Websters has a list of definitions for the term "Country" for my intents and purposes I am going to focus on the ones I've posted here.

nounplural countries

rural districts, including farmland, parkland, and other sparsely populated areas, as opposed to cities or towns:
Many city dwellers like to spend their vacations in the country.

of, relating to, or associated with country music :
That Nashville station plays country records all day long.
rude; unpolished; rustic:
country manners.

13. Made me laugh, not sure if anyone wants to be defined as "country" after reading that definition. I my as well end my blog here because it may define every person in the above photo perfectly.

So lets redefine the title "Country" the heart and soul and simplicity of country life. Before this mantra of "Don't tread on me"

lets go back to the roots because no one is entitled to anything we are just taking care of what God has given us...not a political post moving on...

I don't belong to any of those pictures...maybe I've never been country...because country is "cool" and I've never been cool...

I've picked out my own photos of what it means to be country.  

some of the people in this pictures grew up in big cities or other countries...

To me, to be country means to know what it is to work hard, sacrifice family vacations for fair and cows, loving others, giving when you have very little yourself and lastly to raise something that benefits others (crops, cows, pigs, fruit...etc...)  okay maybe I've confused "farmer" with "country." 


It's more than rebel flags, strong opinions, big belt buckles, camo, short shorts, fancy boots, beer, (I love my boots and I love my beer) guns, toys, mud, trucks,...(and because I grew up on a dairy farm and I have to...horses ;)  ) Country is not about being better than anyone else.... Country is about loving and respecting someone regardless of where they are from and what they are. It's also being able to sustain yourself..something I wish I could get back to.

Lastly, you don't even have to to be raised in a rural area to be this kind of country if that's even the term I'm defining anymore. 

In fact forget it, I'm not "country" define me as a Christ follower (you all know how I feel about the term "Christian") call me a farmer, teacher, wife, friend...but please don't call me "country."

My  husband was born and raised in Phoenix AZ, and while hes far from the "country boy" I thought I would marry... he is good, kind, honest, and hard working man after God's own heart....and by this definition hes way better than country!