Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Welcome to my world

I've always been amazed at all the ways God works to get a message across. Sometimes humans are so broken, so unfocused that he has to make it hurt. Boy but when we finally get the message man do we get it.

Ouch... do I get it.

The power of words and the thoughtlessness of some common used phrases often amazes me. Some I've written about such as asking a couple "when will you have kids"  or worse yet "the biological clock is ticking" or asking a single person when they are going to get married...I could go on for a long while. Right now God has brought to my attention the phrase "Welcome to my world"

I can't count how many times I have used this phrase and have never even for a second stopped to think what I'm really saying. Then yesterday, when someone used those words while talking to me it irritated me. So I thought...why did it irritated me so much? Four words, and because of my irritation my response was not pleasant and it all went down hill from there.

The power of words. To build up or tear down. to Speak Life... to prove how selfish we really are.

From the overflow of the heart...

 Lets start by thinking of the context of the conversation when those words might come out of your mouth. When talking to someone else, who is expressing a frustration or trial in their life. Why might someone express their pain or frustration to you? To hear how you have it worse or to hear words of encouragement?

If someone has just told you what they are feeling or struggling with and you respond with "Welcome to my world" you have just taken their pain/frustration and belittled it by saying "so what I have the same problem." Is that speaking life? As I'm writing this I'm cringing at how many times I have done this to someone in my life...so many missed opportunities to reach out and help someone with their burden because it's not about you...or me...

It's about God.

Oh, how I have forgotten, I've been so wrapped up in my pain and my misery and my fights. I've forgotten that nothing is mine and we are hear to share Christs love with others.

but why stop with just "Welcome to my world"

How many times has someone expressed pain to you and though you didn't say "welcome to my world" you told them how your pain is worse. A while ago I was having a conversation with the very  individual that inspired this whole blog. She expressed an issue she was having and how it was effecting her. Instead of saying "I'm sorry, or that sucks" I had to tell her that I've had the same issue but for weeks. As if she has no right to be struggling, or miserable. That conversation has bothered me ever since. Yet here I am instead of talking to her about it, I'm writing it in a blog...(social issues much)...that's a whole other topic.

Next time you find yourself in a conversation with a brother or sister in Christ that is hurting or struggling. Instead of taking their hurt away from them and focusing it on you. Maybe you can see past your pain and help or encourage those who are hurting with you.  It's not about me...it's not about me...its not about me.

This world is a enough of a struggle with out turning it into a contest of who struggles more.

The power of words...

The power of love.