Tuesday, August 23, 2016

when writing shows you the hope you didn't know you had.

I promised myself I wasn't going to use this blog as an outlet for my poetry. but this...this belongs here. Because three short months ago I wrote a blog entry that brought everyone so much happiness...and now I have to write one that will bring just as much sorrow.

Forever music has been my hearts language, music and poetry...  so much of my poetry has elements of the songs that speak to me the most. This poem is influenced by the writer Victoria Erickson, Singer song writer Jon Foreman and band Casting Crowns.

I don't like making people feel sad....I feel as if I'm sad enough for all of them anyway.

but true heartache needs to flow out, and for me it's always been through writing. Poetry holds my secrets like the true reason behind names, and eyes, and sighs, and pain.

come on lets run free.

 River's Poem

It's a common burn
feeling fire-rain in your soul.
reason for such heartache
is often lost, to darkness and pain.

Inside little dreams become dust
and drift away.
All the tears I've cried
have become my Rivers name.

I've watched them float you away
to a better place
and I'll never feel the same
when the clouds let lose their rain

That night the moon rose
to sing you songs I could't hear
songs for angel ears
not a mothers tears.

I had you but couldn't keep you
So, I tucked you away
inside a place called nostalgia
and said goodbye sweet child.

Through the rage and ache
I'll praise His Holy name
The sun will once again shine
after our darkest days.

I'll try to come home
back to where I belong
and love my river depths
with each continued breath

My heart is numb
as my River runs wild
yet diluted by time
the fire-rain will subside

"where the hurt and the healer collide."

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