Sunday, March 6, 2016

A new kind of beautiful

I've written on beauty in past blogs. About this skewed idea of what a beautiful woman is.

I'm going to do it again,  this time for my sake and not anyone else.

I'm past seeing a taller, skinnier, more endowed girl and promising myself "I will look like that" However I will forever battle the "I wish" "I'm so fat" mentality when it comes to my body. 
 'I am woman hear me roar."

Because lets face it, if it's not in the genes it's not going to be, Look at your family, your genetic predisposition. If you are not naturally tall and thin no amount of diet or exercise will get you there. 

You know what a healthy diet(healthy eating, eating for your bodies needs) and exercise will do for you. It will make you the best version of yourself it will make you HEALTHY. 

When your body is healthy, you feel happier, you live longer, you have more energy, and yes you will lose some weight.... Healthy is good, If you are not naturally thin, thin is not a appropriate goal, 

So sweet sister, as the weather warms up as it's harder to hide under layers of cloths or you think "man this will not look good in a swimsuit." (my thoughts today) set your goal on healthy not thin.

Goals are good, but be realistic otherwise this pattern of diet, and overexercising, stressing out which will cause you to binge on "bad" food to cope with another failure...will just continue  Causing you to miss out on so much by being consumed with this ridiculous idea of what you think you have to look like.

I've been there.... and I never got there...and I spent a lot of time feeling rotten about  my body and now my self-image effects my marriage, effects my niece, and I would be willing to bet if I had children it would effect them. I grew up hearing my mom talk bad about her body...and I look like my mom so as a young girl, as a teen, and now as a full grown adult I can't help but think...I must look bad too. 

Change it before you pass it on. 


Save yourself from the body hating flood, that will come when you type "weight loss" in the pinterest search. If you have to find a professional, a nutritionist, or do some legit  research on nutrition (not on pinterest) because in the end
"Knowledge is Power"  
not some naturally thin female who tried something and lost weight. Please find someone real, in your life that has lost weight and talk to them...not a before and after picture that is probably edited....that promises you 6 weeks to a bikini body.

Lets flood pinterest with "Healthy and Strong" not "Thin and Sexy". Or" curvy and vivacious..."

Lets stop this cycle of preteens with eating disorders, and negative self images and bullies picking on young people whose genes made them who they are. Lets change the idea of beauty in our heads to model for the next generation a healthy lifestyle... lets save the next generations, your daughters, nieces, granddaughters, from this self hatred we all battle daily. Lets empower them to be healthy and by extension beautiful, because when you think about it...

what healthy person have you met that you didn't find beautiful?

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