Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I almost wrote a blog, a blog full of judgmental, opinionated, feelings. This is a blog written with a specific family in mind, a personal struggle that has been ongoing in my life for almost half a year now....

I almost wrote it justifying it as truth, with out one though of the unforgivness in me, the selfishness in me to hold a families wealth against them, simply because I don't know what it's like. I mean come on I know this family, they don't like me, they never gave me a chance they didn't need too... and they obviously have money plenty of it, and they like that fact.

Some people you meet can have all the money they need and then some and be kind, giving, and respectful but more often then not when the average individual looks at the rich (define rich anyway you want it's not hard to be richer then me) they think

Wealthy = Greed

When the wealthy (wealthy for Dowagiac Area) look at the average individual they think

Poor = Scorn

Ah, stereotypes such an easy way for sin to slip in and say, ah, it's the truth everyone says it.

I struggle with equating rich people with meanness, rudeness, and obnoxiousness. Even though I have encountered many many well off people that were just the opposite. To often in this world the negative overshadows the good. Even in your life experiences. I've had many negative experience with people that have more money then me and think because they have that money they are entitled (there's that word again) to treat me like crap or really ANYONE they meet because they have the money to do it. If they don't like something they can afford to go somewhere else no skin of their back, they can step on scoff at and bad talk anyone because they have the money and lets get real here in this world "Money talks"

Sure dirt poor people can be just as mean and ornery but they can't do much about it, they cant just buy something new because they don't like what they have, they can't just find a new place to send their children because they don't like a change at the current daycare. Poor people just don't have so many options and therefor thier mean is often different then someone who can afford to be mean.

So lets break this down, I'm kind of all scrambled here because I'm dealing with my own anger toward a family that just happens to have the money to be mean.

Wealth doesn't necessarily equal mean. Just as being poor doesn't necessarily mean being nice. Nor does being  Christian mean you will be a super amazing person anymore then not being a "Christian" mean being a terrible example of a human being.

However I think that meanness isn't made by wealth, wealth just magnifies a persons soul good or bad. Often in this world since it takes being thick skinned to progress up the money chain more mean spirited people tend to get there then the kind hearted. Because that's what the American Dream is now, something only for someone willing to step on everyone else to get it.

 It's not a far stretch from being spoiled and being rich.  Their is also a difference between being born into a wealthy family and making a wealthy family. A different sort of entitlement goes with each scenario, and since I am neither I'll leave it alone my struggles currently are with the born wealthy. The I don't have to work if I don't want to ever and I can spend all that I want to and still be living well. The obnoxious in your face look at my vanity plate on my over sized vehicles that roar when you drive them loud enough to make that person i the mini-van jump when they pass them on the road.

  As I started to write a blog titled "what's that like" I realized that it's got nothing to do with money. It's got everything to do with where you are at with God. It's got everything to do with my own personal opinion on people blessed with money by God. In that breath of look how much better I am, I'm poor and I don't treat others like crap... that I realized right then I was. I was being just as judgmental as they are. Maybe more so because I can't afford it.

  It's always going to be a struggle to show Jesus when I'm being looked down on because of my economic standing in this world. Because I'm not so consumed with the need for money and stuff that i can't focus on anything else. Ah, but Jesus loves the spoiled rich kid in class just as much as he loves the average nice kid in class.

 "He did not come for the saints but the sinners."

I've no right to hold against anyone their treatment of me that I judge to be wrong, when really they were raised in such a way that they don't know any better. They.need.Jesus.

  It's not a novel idea the whole realization that the rich need Jesus too, it's hard when you live pay check to pay check to think of the rich needing anything ever. But really more then the nice house, the vanity plate, the extended vacation, and the flashy expensive clothes. Some lack the most important thing in the universe. Father Son and Holy Spirit.

Hope in a heaven.

They lack the skills to treat others with love. (I'm talking the superficial rich) I'll say it again I know many wealthy wealthy people that are the best examples of Jesus ever and I'm sure there are even some wealthy that don't have God that are amazing (I have never personally met them)

There is something to be said for the person who went without at some point in their life...a different understanding, an ability to relate to someone else without. When you don't experience that as a child or adult how are you expected to understand or know. Who am I to hold a lack of knowledge either because they never had to learn, or can't afford to better themselves against anyone? In my anger where is my Christian love.

Yes, they have more money, yes, they flaunt their money.

What's it matter?

My treasure is in heaven.

without love I go nowhere.

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  1. Matthew 19:23-24 (NIV)

    23 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24 Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

    --I was just reading that last night. It makes me sad.