Sunday, June 8, 2014

The problem of Religion...and my beef with atheists but not the ones you think.

I've meet some pretty amazing, wonderful, kind people in this world. Some of these people were way more pleasant to be around then some of the "Christians" in my life.

Beware world, the Christian Atheists are taking over...and the atheists of the world are helping...

Nowhere does it say that believing in God makes you a better person, the act of excepting God is only the first step... it does not instantly change who you are, and what you are like, your habits, thoughts, or lifestyle. Hopefully it will lead to that eventually. Yet even I, a life long "Christian" still have a long way to go.

No, God gave us free will and even though the choices we make often hurt him he will not instantly make us the right kind of true "Christian."

there is a lovely little thing lose in the world called sin...and all the domain attached to it.

In the world but not of it.

On the other side of the matter nowhere does it say that not believing in God makes you a bad person. You don't need to except God to know to be nice to others, to know not to murder or steal. However, the reason for not needing God to know these things really comes down to the natural moral law written on everyone's heart and displayed all though nature by God since the begging of time.

Soooo maybe you really do need God to know these things after all (Boy can I hear my atheist or unbelieving friends now...) This however is not a topic I am knowledgeable enough to expand I digress.

This is the problem with Religion, and Religious people it was a problem even back in Biblical Times. The pharisees and Sadducees (the religious leaders of the times) the people that supposedly knew all the scripture and laws where just that


This is the problem with Religion, and often times religious people. It's a self righteousness, look at me and how good I am. Look at him and how bad he is. He doesn't read the bible he doesn't even
believe in the bible. This is the problem with is made up of people broken broken people.

Religion, Faith, and God....are all very very different things...and here is my beef  with Atheists and non believers....this seemingly inability to distinguish or acknowledge these differences.

Someone I know said "Religion is a drug" that it is fake giving of fake emotions, feels, and hopes."

 and my first instinct was to be like "HOW DEAR YOU"

But really though, this person is not far from the truth. If we as "Christians" and I use that term loosely right now have done nothing but prove again and again that we think we are better, that we are special because we have received the GRACE of God...then yes, we tend to show fake emotions, we tend to want to keep our "Religion" for the rush of blood you get when you think "Ha, look how much better I am then them"


If we as "Christians" continue to live in sin, and a lifestyle making choices that go against faith while saying: "I'm a Christian and look how good I am well what do we expect the world to think? Myself as a Christian have experienced this many times heck I'm even guilty of this very thing. Does this make them or me bad no means, just means that people are all at a different point in their faith walk then you or others. You see, everyone needs help and faith without works is dead.

The problem I have with "Christian Atheists" are when they stop trying...when they think saying they believe in God is enough..when their heart is not in it when your faith dies.

This is the problem with Religion...people

Because true faith, true love for not about the individual, and what the individual does, say's has done and will do. It's about he gift of grace given to that individual, it's what GOD has done for the's not about you or me or them....It's always about GOD and that is where Religion can fall apart...that is where Atheists can't understand true faith. It's where "Christian Atheists" fail

Atheist argue against God with their heads, and we argue for God with our hearts, were not even speaking the same language...we're not even in the same universe...but at least an Atheist is an Atheist through and through...

This is my beef with Christians that are really atheists.

I'm never going to understand this apparent need to PROVE God doesn't exist. I mean if you don't believe he does that should be enough unless you somewhere in your heart (probably that part written on by God) you doubt your belief.

Therein lies the difference between a person sure of what they believe in or don't believe in (however you want it)  it's not going to matter what others believe no matter what new facts, old history, myths, legends, or flaws you can find in the individuals belief system. I've no desire to PROVE to anyone that God exists.

I'll leave that to the Holy Spirit.

I also have no desire to brag about how good a person I am, or take swings at others beliefs to make me feel better about mine. I will share and I will witness and I wont force my beliefs on anyone. But there is a fire in me and I have every right to be respected and to voice my beliefs. Unlike much the world I'll do it out of love and not pride.

I'll leave that to the Holy Spirit as well.

 Yes, religion can be fake,.. people can be hypocrites... but God is very real and very active.

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