Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Trust Issues.

      I said some things when last I wrote about some friends, though they were more observations and frustration then anything...I truly love them and always will. It has occurred to me though upon receiving an explanation as to the behavior how social media has destroyed a certain element of friendships that is needed. These days everyone just assumes that if they put something on facebook everyone will know or get the memo. The need to deliver a message personally has diminished greatly. I love having internet to stay in contact with friends far away...even countries away. But at what cost? 

I've sorta backed off from facebook as of late...trying to find better ways to spend my time, trying to get back into the habit of praying and spending time in Gods word. So, I missed the memo and have now missed out on the chance to see a friend. 

I just want to slow down, were all so busy all the time but when asked what we have been up to we get an "oh not much just been one can say exactly what they have been busy with...maybe it's face book or any other social media. Maybe they are busy with work and cramming every spare minute full of entertainment and people and more often then not alcohol...

It's been nice to slow down...unplug and granted the migraines and sleepless nights and sickness has 
helped me slow down (great way to spend the new year...asleep before 9) . It's funny how sometimes God has to allow sickness or hardship to get you to slow down and spend some time with him. Even when you are doing great things for him, busy in the church or in missions we forget to take a break in Gods grace some one on one plug in.

I've been struggling with trust issues as of late, trust in my friends, my ability to do my job, my's amazing how fast trust can be broken. Or old wounds can be opened 

In all's nice to know that my trust in God is not misplaced, nor taken for granted. He will never let me down. People will fail you...God never will...

Sometimes I am amazed at folks in this world that don't have faith in God..that the story of Gods grace doesn't touch, how hard it would be to get up every day and face the brokenness of this world with no hope..or with nothing more than hope in men... Or hope in yourself...

So yes my last blog said some things...

As I'm sure others will as well. 


  1. I have a friend who always assumes I know everything on Facebook. But most of her status updates are song lyrics, so I've tended to tune them out. Info gets buried under piles of stuff on Facebook.

    I've noticed you either stop or purge your Facebook whenever you get depressed. My mom does that too. I find it really irritating, but at the same time, you do what you need to do to keep yourself sane.

    As for friendship, well...I figure that if i talk to anyone more than once every 4 months, that's pretty special, because I'm the worst friend. I don't mean to be, I'm just a hermit. Without social media I might get out more often, finally starved for human interaction...or I might just waste away in lonely obscurity because i hate going out. Who knows? It's life now.
    Which reminds me:

  2. hmm i don't know if I clean out my facebook when I get depressed...its more like irritated i really don't get depressed that often anymore I don't think...maybe meh but ..however, why is it irritating for you? Just wondering.

  3. Well, if it gets as far as deleting (like my mom does), then I can't share links and random thoughts as easily and I feel distant. In general, I feel like the purges seem sort of disingenuous.
    That said, if thats how you Deal with Crap, that's what you need to do. I thk nk in general people all deal differently, and anyone else's way of dealing often is judged irritating or wrong, and that's wrong.

  4. I had a friend who would delete facebook entirely and then add it and then delete it..that drove me crazy.