Monday, January 6, 2014

Most political post.

Anyone that knows me knows I have no political opinions...honestly I don't care I have my beliefs and ideas of wrong and right from the Bible and I understand that politics and government dose not care what the Bible says.

The Bible tells me there will be wars or rumors of war. We will be prosecuted or look down on for our faith. As I sit back and watch state after state give the okay to gay marriage I don't find myself getting angry at Obama or the government or even the people passing the laws. 

No I don't agree with it, and I believe it's a sin because I believe that Bible to be 100% God's word. I'm not so naive to think everyone will agree with me or even partly agree with me, thats not going to happen EVER. 

I don't how however, agree with some of the way's people deal with their differences in beliefs from the judgments and the condemning and the pointing figures on EITHER side because believe me the intolerance goes both ways.

I don't normally write anything political on here, it's to much of a hot topic I have my opinions based in MY beliefs and it's not going to matter what I think until the end when we stand before God and until then I'll let him judge. 

Until then the way the world is turning makes me sad, Sometimes as homosexuality is paraded (literally) in front of me, as hate crimes and war are on the rise, as the rich get more and the poor get less a small part of me is thankful I have yet and might never bring a child into this broken world.  Even though I'm told not to fear for God has overcome the world it's a bit scary.  However, it does not surprise me nor do I think it will get any better ever. 

However, I say all that to say this.

I can't WAIT to have health coverage. I know people don't like the healthcare reform, and I've seen how it has screwed some people over, but thats not the law's fault thats the heath insurance fault. 

I also hear of how big of a pain it is to sign up for it...but in the end if I can go to the doctor I'll take it. I think sometimes the world forgets the comfortable and the people passing laws forgets that there are MILLIONS of people who don't have insurance at all and don't qualify for state aid and can not even dream of having the money to go to the doctor without it. Some like my mom who hasn't had any sort of screening in 20 years. That scares me. Until now there wasn't even hope of her EVER getting it. 

So yes like all things in this world, there is good and bad to everything, it is human made...and humans are not perfect and people that are all up in arms because it didn't roll out perfect right away and then turn to blame it all on a president or a party is a little extreme. Sometime in history in an history book this rough start to healthcare reform is going to be a little footnote. 

The Media these days has this way of getting out of hand and that is the only difference between years ago and's in your face sexuality, mistakes, war, crime, see it all which has always been going on. It's a blessing and a curse to be informed and more often then not lately I've preferred not to be.

because I hate politics.

Sorry and the terms tolerance, and politically correct piss me off.

Take heart...I have overcome the world...what a great bible verse.

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