Friday, September 20, 2013

Who do you know?

You know that saying, "it's not what you know, it's who you know. " It's so true right, you watch it in the world all the time and it makes you mad...

Bet it's happened for you too....and it's nice when it does. As humans that only can see one side of something or one element of a person life and work at a time it's hard to remember...Yes it might look like a person gets everything they want.

Maybe I have only been working here for two months, maybe I don't deserve this job, this pay, those Ipads, let alone this class room with a manageble size of students in it...but there are only a few who know what I delt with last year and the year before that....and who really deserves anything they have anyway?

"For we all have sinned and fallen short of the glroy of God"

Sometimes I wonder in other seniros of my life where this has been said if my "getting away" with out wearing a work appron, is less of a who you know and more of did you even try? Did you even ask? Maybe I got because I asked, maybe God wants to bless me or any other person becasue he knows that in another area of thier lifes and often a more important one...they may never get what they want.

They may never merry,
They may never get to stay home with thier children,
They may have a child of thier own.
They may never get thier dream job
They may never get out of debt
They may never know thier real mother of father

What you can see of a person's life is what they show and share, You have to remember thier is Always more. Some share to much some probably to little (like myself) but I trust God with the future and thank him for what he has givevn me in the present. So maybe some stuff for a classroom is just a lilttle battle won in a life full of big ones that are being lost at lesat for the time.

No, life is not fair we can thank Adam and Eve and a the Devil disquesed as a snake for that. You may look at one part of my life and say" I want", while all the while I'm looking at yours and saying...I want.  If your not careful you spend you whole life pineing for what others have or bitter about what others got that you didn't and you fail to see what you have that they dont.

Every blessing comes with it's share of curses...and vice verses....

We all do it, I've said it so many times...and I'll probably say it again...and feel justified in my heart. But one day at a time God leads on.

I'm stuggling right now with jealous, and bitterness as ovbiously others are as well. It's a battle and it rages on.....

So before you get mad that someone says you got something because of who you know stop and think...who are you saying that about right now? Maybe thier is truth in it but maybe thats how God planed to bless you.

God's got it what ever "it" is.

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