Sunday, September 15, 2013

Where do you go for help?

Responding to trials...

I'm going to tell you right now, I'm worlds better then I was years ago, but sadly my first response to emotional turmoil is not "talk to God. "

Today in church pastor asked the question, when things go wrong who do you turn too first? How many of us run to the phone call your best friend and cry or complain because you just have to get it out. Or if you are a man do you just ignore it and not talk about it...but also not deal with it.

It's such a thought, such a simple thought, that I've heard many times before yet I brush it of, "surly I don't do this". Oh, but I do...I know I do maybe I don't call someone but I mope around, I cry and I dwell on stuff sometimes for days, weeks, months and depending on what "it" is apparently years.

Why is our first reaction to blow up, talk, go off...complain..

Why not find our bible, hit our knees, and cry out to our Lord, our best friend who loves with a love that won't end. Who loves you even when you turn elsewhere for comfort.

I say it again we are nothing but children throwing tantrums on this earth refusing the peace and comfort our Lord promises us.

Is God you 911 call or your everyday comrade?

Next time you feel upset, angry, wronged...stop, think and maybe instead of living by your emotions and feelings hit the breaks and call out to the an example of Jesus to the world, to your co-workers to your family, to your friends.

I know a song by Laura Landon called "I see God in You" I strive to be that person...someone sees me and thinking I see God in You. One day at a time and who know someday....

For he is your strength and your shelter....and he can raise you up on eagles wings...

   Church today was wonderful, and that was needed. Also on a related note I feel like I have to apologize for the poor wording and job I did on my last blog about praise.  Reading it again I realized how bad of a job I did explaining myself. In my statement about my church being boring that is MY opinion and in comparison to St. Marcus and there are very few church's like that one anywhere so it wouldn't have mattered what church I moved too it would be boring in comparison.

However I say that to explain that the service I want to at St. Marcus many of my friends did not like and preferred the old style service over it. So my new/old church is not a bad church and to anyone else probably not boring.. it's a shrinking church that's for sure, set in its ways and holds true to tradition's, which isn't necessarily a bad thing...but maybe that's why we had the time we had at St. Marcus to take the traditions we love and the service we loved and help reach the community.

  Church was wonderful today because people actually sang with us...because we sang hymns that people knew. It's the little things. I need to focus on the little things that heal my soul.


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