Thursday, June 6, 2013

Suddenly it's a new day.

You know that dreadful life changing news, the kind that slowly stabs a knife into your gut until it dawns on you what it really means...the can't your not sure you can keep going on? Ever noticed how suddenly in the midst of all that's the next day....

Life changing maybe..but only for us and our plans

 Gods not surprised at all.

Right now as I type I feel like its all I can do, to not let my heart bleed out, through my fingers and there is no way I can get up tomorrow let alone work....but it's gonna come; that bright new morning and no
alright now
...but I will be
 the fact that there will be tomorrow 
proves that. 

Life changing yes, but not life ending and in the big mean face of reality of sin of humanity...where my own personal dreams and plans may have been just that...


And that
            Dear brothers and sisters in Christ
                                                     Is important to remember.

Tomorrow will come, and who knows maybe someday...........................

"For these present sufferings are not worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed in us " when the world caves in. For who hopes for what he already has? 

What is hope?
                              It's ageless
An ageless expectation.

A hope through Jesus death on the cross, a promise of a life time..."for I know the plans declares The Lord..."

When I think I can't


My heart beats despite the tears and in its compasity to hope I know the mind...


The terrible life changing know the kind that eats at you, that paralyzes you...

I.m tired, and I'm worn....
and I'm Gods child.

And it is suddenly a new day with a new hope born again from the pain that helps you know it's not your life to control...

It's.not.Gods fault

It's Gods plan.and who am I to complain? 

"This is the day The Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!"

Life changing, hard to swallow, 

                                                                 but with God? 
He hasn't given me a chance to be weak no, hasn't given me a heart of fear 

God has been, will be, now and forever my strength and my song. 

"My comforter, my all in all."

~parts of passages from Romans 8, Jeremiah, and the hymn "In Christ Alone"~ 

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