Wednesday, June 19, 2013

March on my soul, be strong

I'm tierd...

I know it's just a's just a cat on top of everything else.

My vacation even if it is just two days, can not come soon enough.

I'm tierd

But I know you can give me rest...

It's so easy in this sinful word to just stop trying life just keeps going without you. Then you look at the little things, sunshine on red hair, the simple prayer request of a child, that bible you have had since kindergarten, weddings of wonderful friends, whiskers on kittens..the cross. In the wake of a broken heart in the midst of a world out to prove you wrong...God showers you with blessings.

Take heart "I have overcome the world."

Is my life out of control or is my life out of my control...

And come the next day will your faith be shaken? In the face of the beast will you soul crumble. But be aware even when you think you are standing takes just as little to fall as it does to believe. No, we won't be shaken. I'm ganna have a Revelation kind of faith..

Though I am tired....above all I'm not called to function according to the way I feel, no I'm called to take Gods word and apply it to my life daily.

No, we won't be shaken, in the shelter of each other and by prayer and petition we will stand.

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