Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When God Speaks

     For a year or more now I have been trying to do  better job of listening to that still small voice. Like when I am told to prepare, or to pray for someone about something very specific..that voice that some nights can wake me from sound sleep and call me to my knees. Lately I've been getting "Return to me you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest...

     It's so easy to take that voice and shrug it off or explain it away, or maybe not even understand it so it doesn't matter. I've found lately though, it's easier to listen the first time then to have to figure it out the hard way.

   I haven't felt very strong in my personal walk with God lately. I could justify it like crazy, I've been sick, my husband needs to take the place of spatial lead in the house, I've been to busy. Really those are simply excuses. How do I expect to be strong on my own. It's like the Devil has taken this sickness consistently since Christmas, and has basically won in wearing me down to the point I don't have the energy for God. Or at least he is trying to make me believe such.

  He knows my weaknesses, my breaking points, those things that can just pull me into depression so very very fast. But what he doesn't know is that though I've been slower to respond this time around, I'm on to him. Lets see in the past two weeks, 2 more people told me they are expecting, I've gone into more debt, and my husband is applying and applying for jobs in Michigan and getting no where, I've been sick so I haven't been working out, I've been stuck inside...Excuses...and worthless ones at that. Nothing can separate me from the Love of Christ...even the Devil who seems to know all my weaknesses and finds glee in exploiting them. Ive got something he can never have....I've got Hope.

   I list all that negative stuff to say this, we all have crap in our lives, we all get sick, we all feel depressed, we are all  overworked....were are all searching for a place on this earth. But despite all of this I have found time to play Hay Day, I have found time to watch countless episodes of the Office on Netflix, I've had time type in this blog, talk on the phone, line dance....why on earth is it so hard to squeeze God in?

No excuses...just do it...or in the blink on an eye...Satan wins. For he is there waiting like a prowling lion for someone to consume.

I gave him a foothold, now I have to do more work to get the upper hand back...

I told the children today, that even when they are scared Jesus can help them...

So with Bible, with Worship, with Prayer....I take up my armor of God and march of to war.



So, take a close look at what you do in a day, how much time you spend on facebook, twitter, texting, watching T.V. and how much of it could be spent with our Lord? This world is hurting and getting worse it's expected...How will you react when things don't go perfectly, when that child won't stop crying, when they tell you no, when they ignore you...

How would Jesus?

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