Saturday, February 16, 2013


Yesterday was a rough day...

    One of those days where you are just misunderstood....when it's all said in done its worthless to explain to anyone...I didn't do anything.   I grew up making due with what you had, and that's just fine. I can always figure it out sometimes I just need time to think.

    Its funny the different ways you can approach saying something that you know someone else is not going to like. The different kind of reaction you can have if you walk into a room and say; I need this because of this, and our boss said to do it. Instead of; hey guys here is the problem I need this because of this what do you think got any other ideas? To give the other person time to explain yeah we need them too just as much as you do...lets figure this out.

    I hate feeling like I did something wrong when I tried to just figure something out. It helped me understand things though, it's that constant selfish struggle I have at work. It's good practice...

    How do you deliver messages? I know I've had some poor deliveries in my time. Everyday it amazes me the power in words, when you can say the same thing in two different ways and make someone upset of make it okay. I think that's one of the reasons I was an English major and I enjoy reading and poetry so much. Words fascinate me. It's like a challenge and one that I tend to avoid because it makes me uncomfortable and I don't like talking to people. We all so easily take up the defense  jump to conclusions and end up angry. We.are.all.selfish.

   So, if you need to say something you know will make someone else upset or they won't like take some time slow down and see if you can say it in a way that wont make the other person feel like their opinions don't matter at all. That they cant even ask questions to try to understand why. Slow down world, take your time figure it out....calm down before you take it to an authority figure... May God guild me in my reactions and thoughts, may he help me when things don't go my way to hold my tongue and not whine and complain like the children I work with. My my focus and yours ever be drawn back to Jesus and the cross. He gave up his life; remember the story. A body can deal with a lot if they keep their eyes on the cross.

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