Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bye Bye Birdie

      It's funny really, how when I have a solid week or so of God time. In the word, on my knees, how many things go wrong in life to try and distract you from that. It's times like this when I think of something a friend told me once. I was upset about everything that was going wrong and he said "Leah, I think you just got the Devil scared, because maybe your going to do something amazing for God. He's just trying to distract you."

     I'm not sure if that's the case or not, but it helps me stay focused on what is important. Today my husband and our Nissan went to battle against a cement wall, and the car lost. I'll probably never drive Birdie again. But you know what, my husband walked away from it and in the end it's just a car, yes it's inconvenient and costly...but that's life.  I said it last night I'll say it again. To be on earth is not to be comfortable.

  It's hard when emotions start flying around inside you, I could clearly see my husband was upset, and scared, and well the last thing he needed was for me to get upset about money, or the fact we only have one car now...At least you are okay, at least we have another car. At least the Nissan was paid off, at least we didn't drop the insurance coverage. That's what I said,

   We as people get so hard on ourselves when things get messed up, or what not, I do it...I get so angry sometimes at myself oh i could just scream at myself. Honestly I have before. It's so easy to forget hey we are sinful, we are not perfect, we make mistakes. Jesus loves us and he forgives us. It's just stuff, it's just moments in time that really don't add up to much in the end.

   So now I have moments when I think, gosh what are we going to do? and that voice of panic in me, the sinful man in me starts getting worked up. This is what I'm going to do..One day at a time, God will lead me to where he is taking me and who am I to question the method of the journey.

  Thank.You.God.For.Protecting.My. Husband.

 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.~ Romans 8:18~

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