Saturday, December 4, 2010


So, here I am, married, working...loving it.

Lets start,

We got back from the honeymoon and the next day went to the Humane Society to get myself a kitten. Yes just one kitten. We left that day with two cats myself and my slightly alergic to cats husband. True story. The cats names Moses and Pharaoh also a true story. They adjusted well and seem to be very happy in our home. I love them greatly more often then not at the end of a day of work you will find the whole family sitting on the couch. Two adults and two cats it's really rather plesent.

Setting up an apartment has been if anything interesting. Sepcially with small storage space and no money. However, it has fallen together quit nicely and it feels like a home. Which is a pain in the butt to keep clean but I make an attempt at it. Someday when I have a computer at home again with internet access I will download pics so you can see the apartment. Until then just imagen it.

I started work the Monday after we got back from the honeymoon at the daycare. I tell you I love it already. Spent this past week working with children that could talk to me and after a year with a baby it's like heaven. Also I have co-workers that I can talk to throughout the day which is also something you take for granted until you don't have it. It is ran smoothly and it's nice to be working at a daycare where every one LOVEs thier job, this is then reflected in the way they treat the children and the amount the parents like the daycare. Just works wonderful. Of course like all daycares and work places thier is drama we are human. However, the kids are a blast and I am constantly reminded of a child from St. Johns in Dowagiac, its really rather fun. I pride myself in the fact that it only took me 3 days to be trained and that my boss said "She is great, you tell her how to do it once and she can do it ask her to do something and she is on it." It's nice to know a boss appereciates you! Small wonder it was such an easy transition it is ran so closely to the way St Johns was that it's like being home, only happier and a more Christain feeling environment. Yes, I like my job, no it is not perfect but hardly any job is. I always forget how much I love children when I stop working with them for a while. But when I go back it's wonderful. the hours are a little iffy but I'll take what I can get.

Yes life isn't all happy right now, my grandma is currently in the hospital I miss dancing and my family and Angel girl something ferice but I will survive. It is nice having a home, and it's nice being around friends once again though I have yet to really see them because of my job hours.

The honeymoon was grand and the time spent in Gunnison and Lincoln other then the big trees, was my favorit. It's nice to see other peoples lives that have ment so much to you before. This is all I really have time to post right now I'll catch you later.