Monday, October 25, 2010

Farwell Chicago

Well, I'm back in Michigan now, with the foot I wasn't able to work. I miss Karolina so very much. I probably won't be writing in here until after my marriage. Until then!

Monday, October 4, 2010

There is always an end

Well, my time here in Chicago is winding down...25 more days here in Chicago, thats including weekends. I've decided to stay true to my blog it will change into random ridiculous stories of married life and Menomonee Falls.

Other then Karolina nothing of note has really happened here in the last few days. I've met alot of polish girls I guess when you make friends with one you get them all.

It feels weird thinking about the changes coming up in my life, I haven't even begun to understand or comprehend...but they are large and they are looming fast. It's this huge pot of emotions for me a bunch of excitement, mixed with a little bit of fear, and a pinch of curiosity, offset by the human desire to resist change. Even if where you are at sucks in comparison to where you could be. Here I am a one year veteran of Chicago IL. I am such a vetren that I got lost on my way home from Milwaukee last night (I was tired and not paying attention) ended up 25 min south west of where I needed to be on 290. Well my method of fixing the lost problem in Chicago is "Aim for the lake" the joy of living on the lake is that if you find it it's just a matter of figuring out what way you need to go on lakeshore drive to get where you need to be. No I tell you it was late, I was tired and cranky and already didn't want to go back to Chicago in the first place. So here I am driving on the freeway thinking sure hope I can figure this one out. FINALLY I saw a sign for Chicago and decided to follow it...ergo I ended up on 290...which took me to Canal street, which is where Union station thats where I got off (omg I was so happy to find something I knew) Now Union station as some of you may well know is about a block away from the sears tower...or whatever it's called now. So here I was midnight downtown Chicago trying to get to Rodgers park 15-20 min North of downtown...
Still I stick to my words "aim for the lake" Now I give Chicago credit for at least making sense with their roads one ways...and roads that go all the way through in the straight line (unlike Milwaukee) FINALLY I find lake shore drive and it's on the road home...and to bed...

A year ago...or less last night...would have freaked me out...and it's crazy the things you can do that you never knew you would or even thought you would have to attempt...

A year ago you could pay me enough to work with a baby, A year ago I would have told you I would NEVER live in a big city at least not Chicago...A year and a half ago I was sure I was never going to get married....But God always has other ideas.