Monday, September 20, 2010

The 4th Season...and the end of.

Spring past into summer so gently I almost didn't notice, so swiftly I blinked and it was over. Adam was walking, and little by little I made the most amazing of friends. Here is where I have to work on my heart though for it is hard to not be bitter with the fact, that I make this friend just in time to leave. Yet I focus on the fact that she is amazing, and I enjoy every second I spend with her until I leave and the chances after that. Because as I so often forget, it's not about me it's about him and he does what he does for me despite what I am. Karolina has drawn me back to God...and she and this park are Godsends.

So here is summer.

The new season of benches... year...

45 days...and I leave this place....

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