Friday, August 13, 2010

Yesterday, I went downtown by my self which is how I do everything in this city alone. I'm getting use to it. Anyway, I had the day off I apparently can not wear my blue dress in public with out Kevin there...I don't know what it is lately I'm sitting in Borders, reading of course...and at the table to the side and in front of me are four men probably in their late 30's early 40's playing chess. One of them was a Big black fella I'm sure he was nice enough but he just kept winking at me. I quickly stopped looking over there though I was honestly interested in the game. But even when I was reading I could feel him for over an hour... staring at me.. Now I know how a fish feels. By the end of the day I was ready to burn that dress. I was called babe, mama, mis, hun, sexy, and hot...all by different random black guys. Which is fine I guess nice for my ego but seriously whats the deal? I never touched a door handle all day. Made me miss Kevin...

Then today...

today today today...

I got of a bit early, it's sorta nice outside, so I decide to go to the park with out the extension, and read. Well the last week there has been these two or three guys playing in the park "practicing" they are a band have some sort of benefit concert this weekend for their friend. The first time I saw them I was with little Adam..and boy did he just stair I think he liked their music...and it wasn't bad. Well, when I went to leave we exchanged a few words and away I went. So today I'm entering the park and there they are. Of course the expected question

"Wheres you kid"
"Actually hes not mine, I'm just the nanny"
"Oh, so no kids of your own huh?"
"nope not yet, your music is pretty good guys, how long have you been playing"
"We use to play all the time, but we haven't met up in years. Were doing this for our friend."
okay now let me describe these guys to you. You know the hippie, druggies from back in our parents day? Thats them..... The one actually probably was, the other was younger anyway. It's really true they talk like that. "hey man, that some sweet stuff you got there" etc. ANYWAY, by this time I'm thinking these guys if nothing else are interesting so I walk with them a bit. (they are going to take a dip in the lake you know chill and all.) Well, one stays with the guitars and we sit down..we talk about hippie things, music, books, traveling...I think he should have been a BEAT poet actually....the mushrooms they had last night...(yes true story I think one was still in that happy place). They invited me to their concert yada yada yada. A long story short, they were actually very nice polite guys. One married from Colorado the other getting married in was a good time and away they go.

Now I'm leaving the park by this time a couple of hours have elapsed...First I have the African man asking me where I got my bag because he likes them and the little Chinese girls keep telling him they got it in their home land. Obviously, I don't look Chinese...he seemed disappointed when I told him I got it at a thrift store in Milwaukee. Guess he really wanted a murse...So I walk on...

Now this next character reminds me so much of my friend Noah that there is NO way I will ever try to contact him...I mean that just won't end well at all. Again he was black and very fun to talk to and a poet, and lives close around...and we talked a bit but I Tell ya I have NEVER been hit on the way he hit on me. I'm walking along in my own little world, smiling about my hippies, and the murse guy when I hear someone say:

"Ever thought about getting dreads?"

I'm telling you I'm as white as you can get...I'm probably the last person to ask this question too unless I'm doing Dana dreads but thats different. Seriously though, who starts a conversation like that? Well it worked lol...mostly because I was confused

"have you ever thought about getting dreads, thats what those hats are often used for" (I'm wearing one of those cloth hats that seem to be all the rage now the knitted type things that sorta flop on your head...

By now I've figured out yes, this guy seriously just asked me if I wanted or would consider putting dread locks in my hair. Okay then...
"Um, no I have never thought about it.."
and the conversation somehow progressed...and we talked about my job, about poems, yada yada yada...(I guess I must look really artsy today it must be the hat and the murse....I don't know how people can look at me and instantly get "poet" but I'm okay with that...So I ended up with his phone number..though he really wanted mine (fat chance buddy) I guess he never even saw the ring not like I wasn't trying to flash it in front of him or anything....We talked long enough to almost get me thinking this guy really just wants to share poems...and thats when I learned his name Jonah...and I was like OMG this is the walking incarnation of Noah....and it made me laugh!! Anyway, just as I was thinking maybe this guy is half way okay he throws out the next line

"Well, I sure hope you give me a call, cause your hot I'm just ganna be honest and my poetry is fanominal (spelling)" I just laughed and walked away.

Now, if I were single unattached I would have to admit I would probably text him solely because he reminded me so much of Noah, and Noah is good peoples. He was also a Christian and a poet...but at this point in my life...nope sorry buddy not happening there is no way a guy and a girl can just be friends...unless you have been friends when you were younger, or your over the liking each other stage. He wanted way more then to just hang out at his friends "crib" who is white

Talk about a couple days of ego boost...and I just can't wait to see Kevin...I love that man more then I can ever explain in any poem I ever write...

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