Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't judge.

It's been a while...

I'm winding down on my time here in Chicago then I will have to think of another use for this blog. Until then some more antidotes of my ridiculously random meetings with people in this city.

Months ago I went for a run, the usual 1 and a half mile to the gym the 1 hour at the gym, then the run back. So, on my way to the gym I pass a middle-aged black gentlemen in a wheel chair. I'm talking once upon a time pimp so you can sorta picture the outfit, the fedora the chains the stripped suit the works. He does the usual stare at me as I avoid eye contact on my way past. Whatever, on the way home hes still there. Apparently he lives in the building and has to come out for a smoke and just happened to be out smoking both times. So here I am, sweaty, red, probably slobbering... mouth hanging know apparently guys like this look. On my way past he says "Still running huh?" Now, maybe I should get my head check or maybe I'm just that damn desperate for social interaction..I stopped. After explaining that I ran to the gym worked out and was now on the way home the conversation progressed.
"All that running, it's why you look so good."
I'm thinking oh boy here we go again...but then
"I see you have a ring on, thats one lucky two living together around here?"
So again I explained no, we won't live together until we are married his in Milwaukee (blah blah blah) and still I'm thinking this conversation is not going to end well when he pulls out the bombshell

"Thats so good to hear, I don't know why everyone thinks it's okay these days, the good Lord gave us a plan for a reason. You are going to have a blessed marriage it's so nice to hear it too."

at this point I think my mouth was hanging open for a different reason. Seriously don't judge someone by what they look like...It's not ALWAYS true. On I ran smiling for some reason that conversation just made me happy. God is good and there are still people in this world that are good to.

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