Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New Year

Ah, for New Years the time where everyone looks to the future by focusing on what they did wrong in the past..I'm not sure how that makes sense but to most it does. Hey look I gained 20 lbs this past year this year I'm ganna lose weight.

New Years resolutions what a joke...I mean if you need to change something why the fuzzy do you have to wait until the new year? When you want to change something you should do it NOW not later. New Years is just another way for lazy Americans to procrastinate. Yeah, I should go back to school, but I'll wait for the new year, yeah I should read my bible everyday maybe I'll start that in the new year. Well yeah thats great but it's only February what are you going to do until then?

I use to summon up my year in my new years eve post...the good the bad the ugly...lets see the Good, graduation, Kev, job....the bad...graduation, job...the ugly...Russ....

Ah, it's amazing how much of my year revolves around men? Even now, at this point in my life, at this walk with God. It's better yes because I found a Christian Man but if I went back to Facebook blogs or myspace or does anyone remember this one Xanga? and pulled up all my new years post you would laugh at me. Because I'm the same as I was then just at a different spot in life. I made a new years resolution once a couple years back to read my bible but you know what I did for a while and I still do way more then I use too...So every time I stop and go back I make the resolution all over again. So this new year as I look at the good, the blessings, the bad and the ugly. I'll thank God that no matter how often I fail at a new years resolution he has accounted for that by his birth, and his death...and guess what yeah life goes on for now..and maybe even for much longer. But what if it don't? What if this new year never happens? Do you know where your going too? Ignorance is bliss......News flash...nothing lasts forever on this earth.

Happy New year and I pray we have many more years so screw up, justify, and grow from. oh yeah and God Bless America.....ha ha ha

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