Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Park Today

I picked the bench with the tree today that said seek God...and I sat and wrote a poem that was no good...a man happened by with his dog; black coat, blue leash. He smiled and he spoke, and I replied all the while letting out a sigh, ah I do exist. Then he asked "are you writing a poem" and when I said "yes how did you know" " I guess you look like a poet with a pen" Then he sat and we talked as a lady in a black hat wandered by...and told us the story of the cat that died...and I thought why I didn't want to hear that, I don't like this lady and her black hat. Nor did Mike for that was his name this random guy that chose to pass an hours time with me and a baby, who I clarified was not mine, in a park the tree filtering the disappearing sunlight. "Lets walk" and we did onto the pier where we talked a while still...then the cold came and forced me away but it was nice, to speak to someone today every now and again on my lonely days it's nice to know I haven't faded away that if asked I have something to say.

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