Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh I would

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to get out and go to a line dancing bar that I found. It was called Cattle Call no honestly if the name didn't set of warning bells walking in the door should have. I got there early after driving past the place 3 or 4 times looking for it. I climbed up on the bar stool and started talking to the bar tender. George was his name George the Bar-tender he was from Kzoo Michigan. Yeah Chicago is just full to the brim with Michiganers but thats another story. Back to my trip. after I downed a bottle of Miller Lite he looks at me and says "you know this is a gay bar right" now normally just having that thrown at me might have freaked me out a little...but the mood the seclusion of the past 4 days i was kinda like...Okay then sure why not? I looked at him and asked my own question "Is it that obvious I'm straight?" which resulted in a laugh and a yes....makes me wonder straight people call it gay-dar (which is dumb) do they call it stright-dar?

Anyway, what proceeded was probably one of the funnest nights Ive had in Chicago so far. A bit later a few more people had filtered in. A guy named Ed and his "friend" Joe sat next to me. We talked for quite a while then the music started and I went out to dance....the instructor also gay was very nice and very through with the instructions...and the dance was easy I quickly got bored and started watching people. I talked to everyone that night. They all want me to go back and you know what? I think I will because it was nice to go to a bar and have that many people so excited to see you and talk to you...and well not hit on you!!!

I left that night walking through the rain back to my car and I said to myself....I love my life.

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