Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goodtime Cowboy Casanova

So last night I went to another dancing place called Sundance Saloon and it was amazing! I found a home away from home in Chicago lovely dance floor and great atmosphere. As always no matter where I wander in this city I always meet someone or something interesting happens. I'm not sure why but it just does. Last night was no exception. So let me tell you a story about the cowboy from Montana who wanted to find something that reminded him of home, and the cowgirl from Michigan who also wanted a home. Before I go any farther in this story lets make one thing very clear...I love Kevin.

Now this cowboy want me to describe him for you? He looked just exactly like Brad Paisley....Don't know who that is? google him. Now, I wish I had a picture for the proof of that statement; but I don't so take my word for it... just like him a bit younger but yeah. He was a real piece of beautiful man!! He was brooding in the corner when I walked in in a black cowboy hat, belt buckle the works...never said a word walk around watched...every girl in that bar was watching him...I wasn't I was to busy watching all the other girls watch him...and dancing. Anyway, I didn't know then what he looked like he kept to the shadows but I knew that he was watching me more often then not..and apparently so did the other girls. Suddenly, they were all trying to dance beside me and not a one of them knew what they were doing. Sure I helped them out best I could, I also thought it was funny. The night went on much the same whispering girls. and dancing. Now of course I pretended not to notice he is watching me, and I have Jason to thank for his opening statement upon finally approaching me. " You know I've been watching you I'm not ganna lie, you are good, but Ive yet to see you smile. " I think when he spoke ever young girl in that bar froze and GLARED at me! As my brain put in place who the heck he reminded me off I smiled and said, well I haven't talked to anyone yet. Now, what proceeds was one of the greatest nights Ive had in this city so far. Linedancing I found out is not only good for my stress it's good for my ego! Back to my tale

Found out he was just passing through on his way from Georgia to Montana where he has a whole bunch of achers and a ranch all by his lonesome. In a vally in the I know we at least for me. Now I tell you the ranch part so later in the story you know what I passed up!

We talked a bit more chit chat flirt laugh dance oh yeah I flirted and all you thinking "what about Kevin?" I called him after I told him, he was mad until I put it this way "Kev if you were at a bar with out me, and a chick started flirting with you that looked just exactly like Carrie Underwood what would you have done?" He didn't even hesitate...okay yeah I would have flirted. Okay now back to the story. At this point every girl in the bar hates me cause one walked up to me and actually told me "you have to go home with him tonight" I was kinda like what? Wow, whoah hold on no? and she was like then let us have him" I about died laughing right there. Told Cody your a popular man in this bar and he looked around and said "am I?"

We slow danced, we laughed, suddenly the bar was empty except he and I. This cowboy and I and he looks at me after a talk about how much I make and says " You should come to Montana with me, work on my ranch, I'll give you all of that....and more" Now, who knows my dream? A ranch with a cowboy out west.... yeah... It was probably a bit to hard to turn down..but I love Kevin and turn it down I did. As we hung out still longer, one more beer he begs... he asks for a ride to his hotel...and I was already playing with fire no way was I ganna push my luck...He called a cab...I left that cowboy with nothing about this memory of this girl named Leah, at a bar that drove him crazy...and then got away.

I left with the realization thats right ya'll I still got it!! That is the power of being a female...oh are
you ever aware of you life.

..and I realized as I climbed alone into my car, picked up my phone and called Kev...I found a home and I don't dance to breath, I dance to know I'm alive!!

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