Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I was walking in this city of Chicago today, just me and the little one so his parents could get some rest. When I happened upon an old couple walking side by side walker next to walker..all smiles and sunshine. They split for me and the old gentleman held out his hand and said "go right on ahead little miss and pleasant wanderings to you!" Bent over his walking, in his paper boy hat covering white hair....I smiled at his wrinkled face and reminded myself...some times people can really be great and as I watch them walk on away together side by side I asked just how long they had been married and she replied. "80 years sweet, and someday when you are here walk down a street you be sure to give some other young person the hope you just found in us and our labored walk." then sunshine and smiles moved over the cracked sidewalk...and I think now "why not?"