Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm reminded daily how human I am.
How much I screw up even when doing the right thing.
How imperfect, and sinful I am
I am reminded daily that it's still too much about me and not enough about Him.
Ah, my pride is smarting.
I am reminded daily that I NEED a savior.

We all screw up but like I was encouraged today... God can use our screw ups...I mean God uses us all the time and we screw up all the time. There is hope in that.

"All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. "Matthew 10:22~

I like to think that I don't believe I'm better than others..but if I sit down and search my thoughts and feelings over the past week those who feel or have been calling me judgmental are probably right probably not in the exact way they are thinking but still judging and not loving. It's not so much pointing at a person and saying I am judging you because...It's not intentionally, its not even willingly. I'm just a sinner and we are all victims and we are all continually creating victims.

Instead of showing love I have whined about not being liked, instead of showing love, I have gotten angry when someone pointed out my faults, cause I tried to point out the plank in their eyes instead of taking care of the one in mine.  Instead of showing Christs love through prayer I have been selfish with my prayers. Instead of encouraging people to come to God I've given them reasons to be pushed away or I have done nothing at all and have lost opportunity. So, no maybe I haven't had thoughts about a specific person but I have thoughts like look at me going to church, going to bible study, reading my bible..look at me...whats wrong with you.

No I'm not the only one in the wrong, it's not ALL my fault...but lets get real, its never all anyone's fault.

So I get thrown an amazing spiral suddenly but not at all. Because my sinful nature was in and I didn't even realize it.

A line in the sand, and the war with Satan rages on.

I should know I can't be luke warm, I can't sit on the fence. In this world sides find your right or wrong. But at some point you lean too far one way.  We were not called to be silent...we were called to stand firm, speak love, and remain true to the faith. Today I went with the unpopular option..knowing full well it could make things uncomfortable. Yet had I not stood firm for what I believe in I have no doubt I would be uncomfortable with myself. "I don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul" (Mathew 16:26). Praise the LORD

Keep watch for we don't know the day or the hour of the LORDS return (Matthew 24:42). But when that day comes which way will you be leaning, oh fence sitters? Isn't there a song that says "You have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything? How much pride, anger, un-forgiveness, and malicious gossip is stored up in your heart ; these things are poison, How much poison is to much?
We need to fill ourselves with love, forgiveness, and encouragement others as Jesus loves you .


Satan must not like where I am going, what we are trying to do. He may be part of this world, he may have a foothold in this place...but take heart Jesus has overcome the world. (Paraphrased John 16:33)

Forgive Me.