Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why can't we share something that isn't even ours?


Sometimes I think we all are to quick to judge someone as rude.

Today, I got to go get some pretty amazing pictures. Now, I don't really consider myself a photographer but I really do enjoy taking pictures. Specially of things in nature. I think in this way me, you, and the professional are all the same.

However, it's people like the people I pissed off today taking this picture...that make me never want to try to make it a serious hobby....
So picture behind me 4 fancy photographers, with their high end clothing and super amazing cameras and big obnoxious tripods...ALL of whom hear me approach behind them know I'm standing there waiting trying to take a picture behind them (with out them in it... does anyone know how short I am?) I even checked to see if I could go on the other side (I couldn't). this was 6 feet away from me and one step down....angled down all the way.

I knew I could avoid 3 of the cameras but the one was questionable so I waited and when he moved away from his camera I went through. At any point, the approach or the almost in the way,the guy could have said, "Could you wait a second it's shooting a video and will be done in such and such time." Because seriously how was I suppose to know you would take a video of something that won't move. At no point did these guys ask if I would like to pass, or get a picture.
Instead, when I start realizing the guy is mad I hear him saying, "aaaaaand she's in my shot" and his buddy saying "did someone get in your picture" with the response "of course I was filming" followed by "that's rude." (did I mention I was the only other person around??) So hear I am being called names literally behind my back trying not to start crying. Because everyone who knows me knows I can NOT deal with people being upset with me for any reason even complete strangers.

 Here I am though this little nobody with my little Glorified Nikon Digital Camera..trying to get one picture and get back to her husband who is waiting back further and out of the cold. One picture without someone in it...God forbid I have the same rights as someone with training and fancy equipment. So I take my picture fast and shaking because I'm upset and now I have to turn around and go back through...the humiliation... why do I always feel so guilty?? My mind racing, do I talk to them, do I apologize does it even matter? God I wish I could have jumped in that freezing lake and froze to death. 

Of course I say "sorry, I didn't realize you were filming." and his response "Well that's why you need to ask" Then I made some sort of joke about being short and got a" yeah I know what you mean from a different guy." and left. It wasn't worth saying you could have asked me to stop. You could have acknowledge my wasn't wroth telling them how bad I felt they didn't care. I walked just as far as they did on a pier covered with nothing but ice, I climbed over ice walls and I was freezing just like them. When you are on a pier that's not even set up for pedestrians covered with ice surrounded by freezing water there really are not to many options of taking a picture somewhere else. 
(I and they were standing on a spot more narrow then even this covered with just what you see in this picture)

I know now to ask instead of wait for a turn because I guess sharing and letting someone pass isn't an option anymore. I will some how face my fear of speaking to strangers (even in stores I hate saying excuse me to get through I tend to turn around and go another way). I'm just broken like that.  I tried hard not to be rude, and failed. Which makes me think, how many people have I called rude wrongly?? You never know the thought process a person might have had before doing what could be considered a rude action.

I hope those men got their shot eventually and I bet it will be WAY more amazing then my pathetic attempt at a picture. I really was sorry albeit angry as well.

So worth the trip.

Also, another thing I have found in my picture taking hobby (if you could call it that) some people get really mad when you take a picture from the same spot they are? They found the spot first and no one else should get to take the picture. How many people have stood there before you? I don't get it, when taking pictures of something that really anyone can see if they want to how can you get mad when people get the same picture as you?? Why does it matter? I'm seriously curious about this I've had people down right mad at me for taking a picture they took...

I love the things I get to see in this world, and God's power is truly apparent in it always. He made if for everyone...why is it so hard to share something that isn't even yours?

end rant.

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