Monday, January 6, 2014

Most political post.

Anyone that knows me knows I have no political opinions...honestly I don't care I have my beliefs and ideas of wrong and right from the Bible and I understand that politics and government dose not care what the Bible says.

The Bible tells me there will be wars or rumors of war. We will be prosecuted or look down on for our faith. As I sit back and watch state after state give the okay to gay marriage I don't find myself getting angry at Obama or the government or even the people passing the laws. 

No I don't agree with it, and I believe it's a sin because I believe that Bible to be 100% God's word. I'm not so naive to think everyone will agree with me or even partly agree with me, thats not going to happen EVER. 

I don't how however, agree with some of the way's people deal with their differences in beliefs from the judgments and the condemning and the pointing figures on EITHER side because believe me the intolerance goes both ways.

I don't normally write anything political on here, it's to much of a hot topic I have my opinions based in MY beliefs and it's not going to matter what I think until the end when we stand before God and until then I'll let him judge. 

Until then the way the world is turning makes me sad, Sometimes as homosexuality is paraded (literally) in front of me, as hate crimes and war are on the rise, as the rich get more and the poor get less a small part of me is thankful I have yet and might never bring a child into this broken world.  Even though I'm told not to fear for God has overcome the world it's a bit scary.  However, it does not surprise me nor do I think it will get any better ever. 

However, I say all that to say this.

I can't WAIT to have health coverage. I know people don't like the healthcare reform, and I've seen how it has screwed some people over, but thats not the law's fault thats the heath insurance fault. 

I also hear of how big of a pain it is to sign up for it...but in the end if I can go to the doctor I'll take it. I think sometimes the world forgets the comfortable and the people passing laws forgets that there are MILLIONS of people who don't have insurance at all and don't qualify for state aid and can not even dream of having the money to go to the doctor without it. Some like my mom who hasn't had any sort of screening in 20 years. That scares me. Until now there wasn't even hope of her EVER getting it. 

So yes like all things in this world, there is good and bad to everything, it is human made...and humans are not perfect and people that are all up in arms because it didn't roll out perfect right away and then turn to blame it all on a president or a party is a little extreme. Sometime in history in an history book this rough start to healthcare reform is going to be a little footnote. 

The Media these days has this way of getting out of hand and that is the only difference between years ago and's in your face sexuality, mistakes, war, crime, see it all which has always been going on. It's a blessing and a curse to be informed and more often then not lately I've preferred not to be.

because I hate politics.

Sorry and the terms tolerance, and politically correct piss me off.

Take heart...I have overcome the world...what a great bible verse.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Praying for your husband or significant other.

I love how sometimes God moves me to write something and I chicken I go

More then one couple I know are dealing with some marital issues right now..and my heart hurts for them. I am reminded how thankful I am for my husband..and how my prayers, my actions, and my words can help him each and every day.  I'm real good at praying for others going through hardships. I'm real good at praying for myself...but sometimes I'm not so good at praying for my husband. He never tells me anything is wrong so what do I pray for?

My marriage is not perfect nor do I want it to's work each day and a choice..and though I'm a firm believer in praying..I don't always do it until something goes wrong. 

I think that is where we mess up as humans, as children of God.  We have this nasty habit of praying AFtER something terrible happens. While we should pray for protection from bad things. Though it won't protect you from all things..we live in a broken and sin filled can help..and it can strengthen you..

When I do remember to pray for my husband I have a routine.. 
1 I pray for his spiritual walk..his personal relationship with God. If he's strong in the word he can lead me, and he can better fight of sin and temptation...

2 I pray for his self esteem, confidence, health, and motivation (either in work, school and marriage).

3. I pray for protection of his heart from sin and temptation...and if faced with them the strength and honor to walk away.

4 I pray that I as his wife can help encourage him in all of these areas. That I can build him up and fulfill his needs physically, and mentally, so he does not have to look elsewhere for fulfillment.

I also pray when I'm angry...when I'm hurt so bad I cry I pray for my husband...prayer is love and honestly even when you don't think or feel like they deserve it prayer is going to help.

Men don't like to talk about "feelings" let's face it they are wired different then woman.. We had a lot of change and a lot of hard news in 2013 and my husband has hardly spoken of it to me. It use to bother me that he wouldn't talk about any thing....because I have to talk about everything..he deals differently. Sometimes all you can do for your spouse or your friends or even your family is pray....

Marriage I have found is an constant balance of understanding another person..and it's a constant sacrifice on both sides. It's a choice to love and feel for only one person for the rest of your life. Why not help your spouse enjoy that choice? It's so easy to get too busy to make time for each other, to stop dressing to impress each other, to stop trying to anticipate the others needs and get caught up in your own. It's so easy to focus on the negative all the things your spouse does tally up scarf ices and mistakes and hold them against them...

Love keeps no record of wrong...

For some in this world..for a lot of people that line is understandably hard to acknowledge...

I'm not a marriage counselor, I'm no expert on what is exactly wrong with anyone's marriage..I'm not even able to handle some things in my marriage right...I'm not judging nor condemning anyone...

For I am the worst of sinners..

But I am so blessed in my marriage and I also know trust can be so easily broken...and so very hard to earn heart hurts when I talk to people struggling in marriage..but I know we struggle to be made stronger...and it totally sucks.

It's a slow fade and it's never just one persons fault...

At some point in life you learn it's impossible to be just friends with a member of the opposite sex.  Usually it's before you get married but after you have a very serious just doesn't work Always on person or the other develops feelings for the other person. Though you would never act on the feelings putting yourself in temptation is not the way to deal with it. 

If you don't learn this lesson before marriage then it's most likely learned the hard way after marriage. I'm not saying you can't maintain friendships with others from the opposite sex...I have many guys that are my friends but I refuse to hang out with them without my least in private...even if I have zero feelings for said guy. Out of respect for my husband and my's not worth it. 

The bible even says to flee from temptation to not place yourself in situations that could lead to temptation...

Prayer and God can help with a lot but if we don't take steps to safeguard our hearts and minds from temptation satan will jump on the chance to lead you astray and believe me he knows your weaknesses...he's a prowling lion looking for someone to devour,,

So, my New Years resolution every year is time with God every day...I'm adding praying for my husband and my marriage to that..every day.   Amen

I challenge you even if your marriage is a mess right now to pray every day for 30 days for your spouse or significant other even if you haven't met him yet...

If you want to take that a step farther for 30 days do something to better yourself for your husband or significant other. Me I'm ganna start working out again to look good for him, make a fancy dinner, pack his lunch, wash his cloths, say something nice even if you want to hit him in the face...anything.. See if your marriage isn't stronger..or if you yourself are not a better person for it. 


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Trust Issues.

      I said some things when last I wrote about some friends, though they were more observations and frustration then anything...I truly love them and always will. It has occurred to me though upon receiving an explanation as to the behavior how social media has destroyed a certain element of friendships that is needed. These days everyone just assumes that if they put something on facebook everyone will know or get the memo. The need to deliver a message personally has diminished greatly. I love having internet to stay in contact with friends far away...even countries away. But at what cost? 

I've sorta backed off from facebook as of late...trying to find better ways to spend my time, trying to get back into the habit of praying and spending time in Gods word. So, I missed the memo and have now missed out on the chance to see a friend. 

I just want to slow down, were all so busy all the time but when asked what we have been up to we get an "oh not much just been one can say exactly what they have been busy with...maybe it's face book or any other social media. Maybe they are busy with work and cramming every spare minute full of entertainment and people and more often then not alcohol...

It's been nice to slow down...unplug and granted the migraines and sleepless nights and sickness has 
helped me slow down (great way to spend the new year...asleep before 9) . It's funny how sometimes God has to allow sickness or hardship to get you to slow down and spend some time with him. Even when you are doing great things for him, busy in the church or in missions we forget to take a break in Gods grace some one on one plug in.

I've been struggling with trust issues as of late, trust in my friends, my ability to do my job, my's amazing how fast trust can be broken. Or old wounds can be opened 

In all's nice to know that my trust in God is not misplaced, nor taken for granted. He will never let me down. People will fail you...God never will...

Sometimes I am amazed at folks in this world that don't have faith in God..that the story of Gods grace doesn't touch, how hard it would be to get up every day and face the brokenness of this world with no hope..or with nothing more than hope in men... Or hope in yourself...

So yes my last blog said some things...

As I'm sure others will as well.