Monday, September 9, 2013

Valleys and Mountains

Valleys and have to praise God in the valleys as well as on the mountain top.


Over the last 6 or 7 years I've worked on "praying continually" "filling my life with good and righteous things",  not complaining (or the power of my words), and my self image.. a beautiful Child of God.
.I've come a long way on all fronts and still have more to do...however recently I've been thinking about praise and again maybe my list will grow.
Praise: Worship:
Sure I go to church, and maybe this is on my heart now because it's hard to "Praise God" during a service at my new/old church. It's just.... well... for lack of a better word, boring or, not a very moving service. Not like St. Marcus was...Oh dear St. Marcus this has been harder then I thought. 

Yeah God's word is preached and I am being feed BUT that's not praise. 

But who says I need to praise God only in church...

Think about Praise: we are to praise the Lord in the Valleys in the heart of turmoil or suffering for It's the day the Lord has made. How many of you facing unemployment or finical struggles or death in the family says "Praise the one who breaks the Darkness I am so thankful for my savior"  But why don't you? Why is it so easy to be negative and upset and so hard to be peaceful and trusting? 

So, I've started adding praise into my prayers: "I praise you father please help me"....etc...

It's a small step but I want it to be habit. 

Now lets talk about the Mountains? how easy is it to be so blessed in life you can just hit cruise control when you think you have it all figured out. God kinda fades to the back, not intentionally you don't even realize it. Why is that?  I still tend to use God for 911 calls. Life's going good I don't need the comfort of my bible I don't need to pray...then something goes wrong and I'm like oh shoot I need bad.

I haven't decided if I''m in a Valley or on a Mountain right now. I know I'm on a journey and my first week of teaching went great "Praise God" One week down, one step at a time...God's my Strength and my Song!

Praise.Peace. Hope.

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